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Gallop Platinum is a wholly-owned subsidiary within the Gallop Platinum Group with a specialty in haulage services and a direct presence in Ghana and Burkina Faso. With a top notch fleet and a skilled team wearing friendly faces and a determined attitude, we are all about great service and quality work.

Our core objective is to build a partnership around your business. With this friendship in place, we deploy our expertise to your specific advantage and satisfaction. With us, nothing is taking for granted.

Gallop Platinum is the nation's new generation haulage company with headquarters in Accra, Ghana.

We are open to business to serve your need. 


We are resilient on our integrity, quality and safety to ensure our customers get the best of service. Our success is based on our core values. They mirror our vision towards a more sustainable future as well as our position with the haulage industry in Ghana and beyond. These values are associated with Gallop Platinum's key message to build a better coordination and safe transportation.

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We hold safety with high esteem, so all our operations are carried out in compliance with approved health and safety standards. This will go a long way to save all parties from incidence arising from non-conformances and exposed risk per our operations. The goal is to reduce all risk to as low as reasonably practicably


We ensure that we uphold whatever agreement we make. Truth and honesty behavior with employees, customers, suppliers, and the government will be upheld in high esteem

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Our organizational reputation is a value we want to raise high and for that matter, we make certain that the service we provide are of the highest standard in order to win the trust of customers

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As part of our impeccable customer service, we deliberately structure our services to ensure that our customers are satisfied at every stage of each transaction. Our fleet of comfortable and clean trucks are everything you’re looking for. Let us make your experience working with us pleasant and enjoyable.



At Gallop Platinum, we understand and place value on customer satisfaction which is why we are dedicated to leaving no stone unturned in providing great services and finding cutting-edge solutions for you.


We are committed to maximizing productivity and efficiency by delivering uniquely designed HAULAGE SOLUTIONS to both corporate and individual customers.



We are fast, efficient , cost effective and reliable in all areas of Haulage. We offer a tailor-made solutions to our customers in Ghana and beyond. Gallop Platinum provides a safe transportation through its online tracking of loaded trucks from loaded point to offloading points. With our advanced monitoring dashboard system, we can provide live update on current location of consignment being transported without calling the driver on phone.

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